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The Market and Filling Station on Route 9W in Palisades, NY was originally an old gas station and hot dog stand built-in 1929 by a man named Henry Kennel.  Henry ran the gas station for 45+ years. It was a tough journey for Henry; the first few years he was in business he lived in the gas station and during the world wars, a gasoline ration was put in place by the government which led to him having to explore other ways to earn money. One cold winter, when business was particularly slow, Henry started selling hot dogs out of a little shack next to the gas station.  He expanded from just hot dogs to selling tomatoes, refreshments, and everything else he grew on his farm across the street.     

Today, that old gas station and hot dog stand are a gourmet burger shack. Rebuilt in 2011, our mission was to have TFS Burger Works provide gourmet food and local fare to the nearby community and to recreate that amazing, comforting, and simple experience of a road side burger shack that Henry Kennel started offering all the way back in 1929.

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