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Embrace the opportunity to secure a diverse array of sites, ranging from 500 to 2000 sq/ft, tailored to suit your unique vision. Elevate your dining experience with our innovative custom TFS-built shipping container restaurants, designed to thrive in any location you desire. Enjoy the convenience of detailed restaurant specifications provided by TFS, ensuring every aspect of your establishment is meticulously crafted to perfection. Let our team at TFS assist you in vetting and selecting the ideal site for your venture, ensuring strategic placement for maximum success. Unlock the potential for multi-franchise growth opportunities, offering you the chance to expand your culinary empire and maximize your investment.


Another excellent way to promote the local TFS restaurant and connect with potential new guests is to conduct pop-up cooking events in the area. These can be in shopping mall car parks, outside organization headquarters, and at sporting, music, or art events. A mobile cooking system making sliders is an excellent way of showing the quality of our products to local people and inviting them to our restaurants.

We want to engage our guests in spreading the word about their experience in our TFS restaurants. One way we do this is through incentivizing our guests to write a review about their TFS experience. Guests receive a complimentary gift card for each review they post providing they have at least 1000 social media followers. We will also engage our guests in our secret shopper program again incentivizing them with complimentary gift cards or free meals. 
Each TFS Franchise should conduct on-premises events that best suit their local area and the available space at their restaurants. Events such as Octoberfest, local markets, small music concerts, monthly motorbike groups, etc, are all excellent ways to attract new guests to the restaurants.


Site Selection
•Assistance and guidance by our real estate team
•Prototypical plans, construction and design management

•Comprehensive training program for restaurant managers from TFS
•Extensive operations and training manuals
•On site training

Pre-opening and post-opening marketing programs and materials, including public relations guidance and support
•Structure for ongoing support in all aspects of the restaurant and financial operations
•Proprietary, cutting-edge technology, designed to guide and assist you in effectively managing your restaurant

We seek to write subject matter articles about our restaurants, our products, industry activity, etc, every quarter. Our goal is to have stories focused on TFS in local and industry periodicals. We conduct regular media interviews with industry experts in order to position ourselves as the leading burger franchise in our area as well as a company that supports their local community

Every TFS franchise must have a strong commitment to the local communities in which they operate. We support at least one local charity and its fundraising programs by providing food and hospitality at one or more of their events. We can also act as a drop off point for specific charitable donations such as clothing, food etc. Additionally we sponsor a local sports team by providing food at their home games.

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